The equipage utilized in a Squallix match is of equal importance to both players and club managers. Quality in equipment can mean the difference between victory and doom. Puffers (also called Puffs) are the articles hurled into Squallix nets in order to score points.

The Puff should be well-fed and bloated with a low-sodium solution, ensuring the creature’s heft when pitched. Skittish Puffers raised in captivity are preferred for their ability to remain terrified and thus fully inflated. Goal nets should be made from the sturdiest twine available. Sea hag hair is renown for its resilience, but is scarce and costly at present. The Board of Governors is currently lobbying to embargo all nets constructed of illegally obtained vestal virgin locks. While the tendrils make for superior netting, the savage method of their procurement has been outlawed in many dimensions. Nets should be inspected and repaired after each match. How often have we all heard about a game thrown off the books due to faulty netting and shoddy knotting? 

Pufferfish large

[source: Sheffield's Irrefutable Rules of Squallix]

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