"Thank your lucky stars” – In ante-antiquity, during the reign of the polyphemes (galactic giants), the game Chazards became trendy. The point of this game of chance was to roll a star closest to an agreed upon cosmic marker. Whoever rolled their star the closest without it being bumped out of the way won the ‘pot’ of stars into which the other giants had pooled their wagers. The etymology of Chazards is unclear, though two explanations have the most merit: 1. It is a combination of the words ‘colossal’ and ‘hazards’, 2. It is the combination of ‘chance’ and hazards. Either way, hazards on a cosmic scale plagued the hapless planets in the path of the star rolls, routinely casting the planets out of their orbits and galaxies, their inhabitants forced to seek refugee asylum. As for the giants, winners credited their good fortune to specific stars they viewed as being ‘lucky’ and better for rolling. 

Planets colliding 01