LAtB is a wildly popular fae soap opera now in its 1768th season in Dimension Omicron.

The story centers on the life and times of the Bramble family and related residents of magical Grovers Hollow. Follow the Brambles as they try to put the pieces of their family tree back together following the unfortunate 'accident' that took the lives of their parents

  • Viola Bramble - Healer, eldest of the adult Bramble children
  • Citron Bramble - Wild child sister, the baby of the brood
  • Callalily Bramble - Sullen perpetually heartbroken sister who always chooses the wrong guy
  • Slate Bramble - Ruthless, reckless, third child; the lone male left in the Bramble family
  • Pearl Nettlebottom - Bramble grandmother on the female side
  • Magnolia Winglet - Lifelong friend of the family and schemer
  • Brook Willow - Slate's best friend, going through an identity crisis
  • Cairn Hollow - The mayor of the faerie ring, his past is murky
  • Stalk Birdsong - Insect-whisperer and family friend. He's been in love with Viola most of his life
  • Milliam Stream - Known as Old Mill, he is a retired courier and loves to smoke his pipe and dispense age-old wisdom

Effective Sept 2016 (E-time) episode summaries are available on the Omni site and Wattpad

Love among the brambles basic 01

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