The Habitual Habiliments & Haberdashery is the place to go on campus for all kuro liveries (student uniforms).

"Like the rest of The Hub, it was constructed with stately mahogany columns accented with brass embellishments ... Grandiose gas chandeliers hung overhead, each flickering flame contained within what Pete thought looked like a cut-crystal fish bowl. Throughout the boutique, elegantly carved armoires were left open to display hanging cloaks, jackets, kilts, and skirts. Their drawers were pulled out several inches to reveal ties, sporrans, gloves, fans, goggles, and miscellaneous accessories. Each wall featured a hall tree with hooks holding hats, scarves, and parasols; and a sliding ladder whizzed back and forth allowing shop attendants to fetch footwear located on shelves high up near the tin-paneled ceiling.

"The civilized staff took great pride in their work, as well as in making their customers look dapper and well-groomed. A fireplace crackled amicably near the measuring platform. Three ceiling-high gilt mirrors stood angled to offer the one being measured his reflection from multiple views. Off to the side of the measuring platform sat a small ottoman on which lay a tray with a teapot and cups."

Kilts and black socks 01

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