Launching 1 December 2017, ELEMENTS OF VERSE - an Anthology of Elemental Musings will be available in Dimension Q in both aetherwave and wood pulp formats. The booklet features poetry, thoughts, blurbs, & musings on the elements of fire, earth, water, air, wood, metal, and aether as submitted by the following contributors:

Elements of verse cover createspace 111717

Angus MacIvers

Bobby Lebowski

Bonnie Ramsburg

Bradley Miller

Carol Zielinski

Cynthia M. Freeman


DJ Piper

Diana Fleetwood

Falli Straten

Hazel T. Briarwood

Kathleen Young

Kimberley Thomson Morris

Kyrian Parata

Lore Raymond

Lynn Carter

Lyria Corden

Marc Prudhon

Millie Branch

Peggy Lynn

Rachel Nead

Sanndi Thompson

Shanna Broussard

Sherry Carroll Bell

Stephen Thompson

Susan Fleming

Tisha D. Mears


Victoria Blake

Viola Bramble